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About Natural Remedies

Sometimes we forget, or we do not know, the benefits that nature has to offer us. This is the case with some vegetable extracts, herbs and food. Besides their efficacy, they do not irritate or stimulate the organism artificially, but help to balance it respecting the necessary period of cure.

They are always accessible, are easy to prepare, cheap, have no side effects, short or long term, have antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, bactericidal, healing, expectorant properties and help to strengthen the immune system, which is why they prevent certain diseases.

Some foods and herbs have great medicinal potential and are excellent for acting as natural remedies. The natural options harm the organism less and offer more alternatives, mainly, to the treatment of simpler and more common illnesses and, mainly, when it comes to long-lasting treatments.

In this website you can find simple recipes to make your own natural remedies, beauty treatments, etc., all in a homemade and natural way, and using only ingredients of common use, if that is your goal.

Learn what are the best natural remedies for countless illnesses and other common health problems with natural solutions using medicinal plants to make teas, infusions, ointments or juices. Here we indicate the best and the correct doses, the way to improve your quality of life.

Natural Remedies aim to present general information about some diseases and possible natural treatments. Natural Remedies present quality information, updated and free of charge.

It is not intended to replace the medical or specialized accompaniment, but only to offer information about certain illnesses and natural treatments that can be used in the prevention, relief or elimination of the symptoms related to the illnesses that we approach in this website.

We believe that all people should have access to general health information regardless of their age, gender and origin. So here you can read articles about various problems and their consequences. In Natural Remedies you can learn about the latest natural treatments or get reliable information about what we recommend.

Natural Remedies is a website that aims to promote well-being through natural and holistic medicine.

Our goal is to provide readers with tips on the various treatments and supplements based on natural products tested and used in many countries around the world.

This is where you will find the best tips and treatments for many of the problems that can afflict you. Our work has been recognized by thousands of readers, in the various websites we have, and has been a source of pride and an incentive to continue.

This website is under the responsibility of Dr. Pedro Pinto, who supervises all publications before they go to writing and has the periodic collaboration of Drª. Carla Pinto and Drª. Vanessa Branco.

We also count with the collaboration of doctors and specialists in various areas related to holistic medicine who collaborate with us sporadically, writing or providing information that is later inserted in our articles.

Natural Remedies